How to Get the House You Want: Get the Realtor You Need

When housing inventory is tight your Realtor has to really be on top of things so that you can find the house you want. Your realtor has to be very sharp and keep abreast of all current listings and have enough foresight and savvy so as to not let your potential new...

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Find Your New Home without the Angst

Buying a home should not have to be as angst ridden as it appears to be. So what's the Best Way to Find Your New Home? The key is finding a great Realtor. Not just a good Realtor, but a great one. You want someone out there in the trenches looking for the best homes...

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Realtor Emeritus Ray Cassano Has a Monopoly Moment!

Realtor Emeritus Ray Cassano  Lives Up to His Title Thanks to His Monopoly Moment! Real Estate Broker Ray Cassano has had an amazing career in the real estate industry. For over forty-four years, Mr. Cassano has ardently worked in his chosen field. As a child growing...

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Station Square “Rescues” Property from Oblivion How this one-time white elephant became a swan! A fascinating success story from Station Square Realty. Ray (owner of Station Square Realty) came in with life, energy and a new attitude. We filled vacant space. People...

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Did You Say Condo?

Looking for a Cool Condo? Condominiums, townhouses, and properties located within a homeowner association offer certain perks, but it’s important to consider them in your decision process. If you are looking for maintenance free, condos are a viable alternative. How...

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What to Ask Your Home Inspector

Home Inspector as BFF Your home inspector should be your new best friend. There are so many potential problems and pitfalls, in buying a home that it is vital that you discover these before you sign on the bottom line. Here are some questions you should be asking. Do...

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Before You Put the For Sale Sign on Your Home!

There are a number of items that you should do prior to listing your home. Carrying out these few step can make all the difference in the world -- Handling this will make the sales process easier and smoother and help you get the price you want. Your realtor will be...

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Got the home shopping blues?

There is possibly nothing more exhilarating than getting a new home. Unfortunately, it is often fraught with much anxiety and even terror. How much to offer? Will they make a counter-offer? How much is too much? How much might be too little and insulting. A qualified...

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Home Sweet Home

The American dream is more real today than ever before. Could you be next to realize your wishes and own your own home? Station Square Realty is here to help you realize your dream. Just click on our site and find the home you have been looking for. Our agents are...

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Station Square Realty Delivers MLS from Our Website

Did you know that you can easily access MLS right from our website? That's right you can simply go to our site and search for your dream home. Now it is easier than ever to use the multiple listing service, just go to Station Square Realty's website!   Your friends at...

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