You have made up your mind that it is your turn to cash in on the American dream – you are going to get a house. Your own personal refuge. Your domain. Your personal hideaway. That was pretty easy. Decision made! You even got your preapproved loan. You are armed and ready to buy. But wait, it is time to do your homework.

Okay you have researched where you want to buy and hope your budget can stretch to meet your needs. What’s the first thing you should do now? You guessed it find yourself a realtor that can help you make sense of the market. You wouldn’t perform do it yourself surgery, and you shouldn’t try to buy a house without a professional. It is as simple as that. Did you know that you don’t pay your realtor? She makes her commission from the seller not the buyer.

So, do yourself a favor find a realtor who will fight for you. Don’t ever use the seller’s realtor as your best interests are not the sellers (there are a few exceptions to this rule but for now it is gospel). Find someone who understands not only what you want but understands the current and future marketplace sufficiently so she can find what you want with minimum compromise. You will be happy you did.