There is a lot that goes into making a house your home. At the top of the list is securing the right house for you and your family. It is extremely important that your new house hits the points on your bucket list or can be renovated to fulfill your ideas and be your dream home. Very importantly, is the concept of how to make your house your home! Your house has to have a certain feel to it in order to qualify as your home! It may sound funny to say it has to feel like home but when it comes down to it, that is exactly what has to happen. It has to feel like home.

Transformation: House to Home

So what really goes into making a house your home? What are the key ingredients, that transform a house into a home? Sometimes it is just the little things that count. First you want to hit those items on your bucket list like location (yes you want to be in the right neighborhood), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage, fenced yard, etc. And then like I said the little things that count like paint color, matching your furnishings to house style (your ultra-modern house may not look right with those antiques you call furniture), artwork, etc.

As for hitting your bucket list, those points are very important. You don’t want to stick your large family into a two bedroom, one bath house. But if the house fits other criteria, is there room in the budget and the property to build-out an extension. In other words, can you do something with the property to bring it up to speed. The feel of the house is a little more involved than that. Feeling is the intangible. It is your comfort in your surroundings. What are the things that will make you and your family feel comfortable. It is our job at Station Square Realty to help you make your house ultimately your home. Our years of experience and expertise are at your fingertips. Just give us a holler at 727.642.8805!

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