Station Square “Rescues” Property from Oblivion

How this one-time white elephant became a swan! A fascinating success story from Station Square Realty.

Ray (owner of Station Square Realty) came in with life, energy and a new attitude. We filled vacant space. People started renting like they haven’t in years!

The story goes like this. 101 Garden Avenue in Downtown Clearwater was an eyesore. The building was up for sale for years with little or no bites. Vacancies were a plenty and the property was suffering from age and little to no maintenance. The management company and broker were just letting it slide by. A new agent (Station Square Realty) was put in place and things started to happen.

A new life was breathed in. We had offers come in to rent and to buy. Ray created a revival and delivered a true product. I felt validated and supported. The property was loved and then a buyer appeared with an offer that could not be refused.

About Station Square Realty

Consistently rated one of the top real estate brokers in the county, Station Square Realty takes its name from the Reader’s Choice Best Condo Complex (Tampa Tribune). SSR develops and builds projects, and most significantly manages, lists and sells properties of all types. Our purpose is simple: to provide our clients with the best possible care so they can get the exact property they desire. We know that purchases of this magnitude require a great deal of thought and attention and we are prepared to deliver exactly what you need and want.

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